3 Insider Secrets for Solo Travelers to Bielefeld, Germany

Bielefeld is in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Although it boasts a history dating back to the year 1215, you find it on nary a travel advisory. Thus overshadowed by other German cities and their landmarks, the solo traveler will nevertheless be well served to make Bielefeld a stop. If you need a hotel room in Bielefeld check out the latest hotel deals at www.luxury-resort-guide.com.

  1. Book a September Stay

Germany in September is gorgeous. Not yet freezing, there is nevertheless a slight chill in the evening air. For the Bielefeld traveler, it is also the time for the Wine Festival. Granted, there is not a vineyard anywhere near the city; even so, Bielefeld has chosen to hold an annual wine market and festival with imported goods from the best German wineries. During the early part of September, wine aficionados head for old downtown to partake of excellent wines and culinary treats.

  1. Rent a Room

You could stay at a hotel, but why? Due to the high influx of students attending the university, there are plenty of small apartments and efficiencies for rent. The solo traveler who wants to be near the action should consider renting a studio apartment for a week or two. The Hotel Restaurant Bartsch is a good example. For 280,00 Euros, the traveler may stay for a week. Cable TV, Internet availability and reduced meal costs at the restaurant are just some of the perks this locale offers.

  1. Take a guided Taxi Tour

Head over to the City Hall and book a taxi cab for a two-hour Bielefeld city tour. Drivers charge 65 Euros for two hours, plus an additional 25 Euros for each additional hour. Let the driver know what type of sightseeing you are planning on doing, and she will custom-tailor her information accordingly. Rely on the driver’s expertise for insider tips on anything from after hour parties to hot deals on artwork.

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