5 Things Not To Miss When Visiting Berlin

The illustrious capital city of Germany, Berlin is Germany’s largest city and arguably its greatest. The metropolis has had a significant place in the history of the world. Berlin is famed all over, for its varied architecture, art and culture, nightlife and a high standard of living. There are a wide range of accommodation in Berlin: for cheap apartment rental visit Booking for luxury Berlin hotels go to Luxury Resort Guide website.

Berlin has countless museums, palaces and other places worthy of note from the point of view of historical significance. Although the crippling effects of the World War Two and the Cold War were felt, Berlin has shown great resilience in building itself back from pieces, and has succeeded greatly. The many events this city has seen have made it extremely distinct and Berlin stands out among all European, if not the world nations.


The first documentary evidence about Berlin was in the 13th century, and Berlin was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, The German Empire, the Weimar republic as also the Third Reich. After the World War Two ended, Berlin was cut into two, and East Berlin became the capital of East Germany, while West Berlin became the West Germany exclave, surrounded by the Berlin Wall, which came down in 1989. After Germany was reunited, Berlin came back to its position as German capital.

Things to Do in Berlin

1 .Visit the Museums on Museuminsel (Museum Island)

Museuminsel is located on the River Spree, and was designed on the lines of ancient Greece, as a heaven for arts, science and culture. The Museum Island has a total of five museums. The museums include the Altes Museum, the first public museum of Prussia opened in 1830, the Alte Nationalgalerie, Bode Museum, Neues Museum and the Pergamonmuseum.  The Pergamonmuseum houses one of the greatest heritages of Classical antiquity, a magnificent altar and frieze (wall painting or fresco) dated at around 170 – 159 B C.

2.See the remains of the Berlin wall

The sinister divide between West and East Germany, the Berlin Wall constitutes an important piece of history. The reunification of Germany was completed with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Although a major part of the Wall has been destroyed in 1990, there is a small part still remaining, on the s border of Wedding. There is a restored stretch at the Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer. There is an office which has documents outlining stories of escapees who tried to cross the Wall in the past. There is a stone memorial of the first person who was killed by the authorities while trying to escape to the West. The Haus am Checkpoint Charlie houses a museum exhibit about the history of the Wall.

3. The Olympic Stadium

The Olympiastadion is the same spot where Jesse Owens won the legendary four medals. It is an excellent example of Nazi architecture, comprising of a classical oval stadium in Franconion Stone. The Olympic Stadium also has a strong football tradition. The stadium was refurbished for the 2006 world cup in Germany. Several concerts have been held here, Rolling Stones and Robbie Williams among them.

4. Check out the Music scene

The Music scene in Berlin is extremely developed and diverse. The country has a tradition of Jazz. Many rock, metal and popular artists have originated from here. Hip hop is also much loved.

There are several excellent places to listen to Jazz like the A – Trane (Herbie Hancock and Arthur Blythe have performed here!), B – Flat, featuring great pianists and vocalists. There are also amazing jazz festivals held regularly, like the JazzFest Berlin, Total Music Meeting and Fringe Jazz Festival.

Germany is also considered among Europe’s principal contributors to Metal, bands like Blind Guardian, Necrophagist, Kreator originating from here. The Wacken open air metal festival held in Wacken is world famous.


The night club scene in Berlin is one of Europe’s best and most radical.  Venues like Clarchen’s Ballhaus, White Trash Fast food, KitkatClub, Felix etc are the prime party spots in Berlin. They are frequented by all age groups and have great music by excellent D J s.

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