Also known in the English language by its French name of , Aachen is located in the extreme western part of Germany and has The Netherlands and Belgium as its neighbors. Charlemagne loved to reside in this city, which was also the coronation place of the kings of Germany. One of the best of German universities, the RWTH Aachen University, is located in the city that ranked eighth in cities in Germany as far as innovation is concerned.

Aachen is also famous for its focus on diverse fields like information technology, engineering, science, and other related sectors. Apart from the university, tourists are enthralled by other sites too. The nearest airports are Maastricht Aachen Airport, the Dusseldorf International Airport, and the Cologne Bonn Airport. Various land routes including the autobahn A4 connect Aachen with the rest of the country. It is connected via rail with the rest of the country through its Hauptbahnhof railway station that was constructed in 1841 and replaced in 1905, bringing it quite closer to the center of the city.

Aachen cathedral, Imperial Cathedral Kaiserdom

Aachen cathedral, Imperial Cathedral Kaiserdom


The Aachen Cathedral: Often called as the `Imperial Cathedral,’ the Aachen Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church that is also northern Europe’s oldest cathedral. During the middle ages, it was also referred to as the `Royal Church of St. Mary at Aachen.’ This church is also famous for the fact that it is here where the coronation of 12 German queens and 30 kings were held. Charles the Great started the construction of this cathedral in the year 792 and Pope Leo III consecrated it in the year 805 in honor of the Virgin Mary. Tourists should not miss viewing the cathedral treasury that displays various sacral masterpieces.

Aachen University: With a student strength of 33,000 and with more than 101 different study programs available, the Aachen University has made a name for itself in Germany. Its students have excelled in the field of science and engineering including electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and chemistry. It is considered as one of the best in its class as far as computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering are concerned.

The Couven Museum: Tourists who are interested into understanding more about the lifestyle of people in the eighteenth and the nineteenth century should visit the Couven Museum. They will be enthralled by the enthralling variety of high grade furniture on display along with Italian stucco work and fine chimney pieces. The Aachen-Liège baroque and Rococo style side by side form a pleasant group. Chocolate lovers are advised to check out the Alder-Apotheke where chocolate was produced for the first time in the year 1857.

Aachen cathedral

Aachen cathedral

Aachen Festivals:

A trip to Aachen is considered incomplete until the visitor has witnessed one of its festivals. The maximum number of events takes place during Christmas when visitors from neighboring countries like The Netherlands and Belgium visit Aachen. It is during this period that visitors discover various types of traditional food and handicrafts put up for sale in the historical center of the town. Enjoy the popular potato fritters while viewing live entertainment in the form of music and dancing.

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