Situated in south-central part of Germany, Augsburg, a Bavarian city, is located 80 kilometers East of Ulm and 67 kilometers northwest of Munich. It is the third largest city of Bavaria and is preceded by Nürnberg and Munich. It boasts of a population of approximately 275,000 people. It also serves as a gateway to the world famous Alps.

Tourists from all over the world are attracted to this city because of its wealth of architecture and art which has made it arguably one of the major tourist destinations of south Germany.

This city, founded in 15 BC by Emperor Tiberius, is also an archeologist’s delight, with ruins from the 4th century AD discovered over here. Augsburg is the only German city has its personal legal holiday… the Peace of Augsburg… that is celebrated with much fanfare on 8 August every year. This city is also popular amongst international tourists because of its religious attractions.

Augsburg, Rathausplatz

Augsburg, Rathausplatz

Tourist spots:

Augsburg Cathedral: Both new visitors and those who visit this cathedral repeatedly are awed by its collection of stained glass windows. These stained glasses date back to the 12th century and are considered the oldest of their kind in the world. The construction of this cathedral started in 944 AD.

Jüdisches Kulturmuseum: Visitors to this museum can find out more about this history of the Jewish community in the area. Visitors should not miss out viewing Augsburg’s main synagogue that was constructed in 1917 which is a art nouveau building topped by a golden dome.

St. Anne’s Church: Founded by Carmelite monks in 1321, this Gothic style church played a huge role in this history of the reformation. Visitors to this church should check out its fine works of art and also the Luther museum which is a part of the church.

St. Afra and St. Ulrich Church: Both of the churches that were constructed around 1500 on top of a Roman temple form the most exciting ecclesiastical compound in Augsburg. One of them is a Catholic church whilst the other is a Protestant church.

Maximilian Museum: A visit to Augsburg remains incomplete unless and until the visitor has viewed the Maximilian museum. It offers visitors a glimpse of the culture, art, and history of the city. The museum houses works by local silver and goldsmiths, items from the town’s history along with various sculptures.

The Town Hall: Known locally as the `Rathaus,’ the Town Hall is situated in the center of the city. It is a huge Renaissance building that was designed by Elias Holl, the municipal architect. Stroll along a bit and view the Augustus Fountain and the 78 meters tall Perlachturm.

Festivals: Augsburg is also famous all over the world for its festivals that include art, music, and film festivals. Apart from that there are quite a number of fairs and parades that keep on taking place throughout the year like the Bicycle Film Festival, the Emergenza Festival, SpielArt, etc. Visitors can get more information about the dates of these festivals from the tourism department.