If you’re a lover of the fine arts, exquisite dining, luxurious hot spring spas, and generally the finer things in life then you’re thinking about visiting Baden Baden, Germany aren’t you?

This region just off the Rhine boasts everything from fine dining, art and culture, sports facilities, museums, casinos, racing, and more. It’s fair to say the tourist taking in Baden-Baden will not be at a loss for things to do and sights to see!

Baden Baden old town street

Baden Baden old town street

This historic region is just perfect for the vacationer and tourist who wants to see that hard earned pay spent on the things in life that mean the most. Nestled right near the Black Forest the number of activities and festivities are met with the finest of care and friendly people.

This town in the Baden-Wurttenberg area of Germany in the southwest of the country sports a population of about 55,000 spread out over an area of roughly 54 square miles/140 square kilometers. For thousands of years people have travelled there for their recuperative hot springs of legend such as the legendary Roman Vapor Baths. When it comes to history, Baden-Baden is full of the majesty and splendor that even fairy tales can tell. Great battles, romantic rescues, religion, art and more have graced the region and become part of both legend and legacy.

So you get a spot that has been the vacation spot of kings and queens, caesars, knights, and other celebrities of antiquity and of the modern era. You’ll be in good company in Baden-Baden as you’ll feel like royalty after partaking of the views, foods, wines and spirits, and life.

Baden Baden castle

Baden Baden castle

Let’s take a look at the spectacular places to visit such as the Hohenbaded as old as 1102 A.D. when it was built, the Surdza Chapel on the Michaelsberg, Mount Merkur and the Merkurbergbahn funicular railway and spectacular observation tower there. Talking about towers, how about the Fremersberg Tower! We can’t forget the Kurhaus or the Sammlung Frieder Burda presenting the finest in collections of modern art, the historical museum at the Neues Schloss the 15 century castle where the grand dukes of Baden resided, the Caracalla Spa, the 2000 year old Roman Bath ruins and archaeological site!

Wherever you turn you’re looking at history and elegance with your name written all over it.

As for more fun how about the Spielbank Casino! You can’t pass up a trip to a 200 year old casino!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shoulder to shoulder with some international celebrities while visiting Baden-Baden. It’s well known as a place for movie stars, rock stars, and of course fashion models who are known to enjoy the health spas there.

The cuisine from the region reflects the global variety of dishes as well as local fare. You’ll be hard pressed not to find a bistro or five star restaurant that more than satisfies your tastebuds’ curiosities.

The fine wines, liquors, and of course the beers and ales will send you into a whirlwind of flavor and good spirits. The region is famous for it’s home brewed beer and you’ll delight at tasting the finer ales at locations in all directions.

So here in Baden-Baden, you’ve got it all and the unique in a cozy atmosphere where you’ll stand out as a celebrity in your own right.

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