Situated 63 kilometers to the north of Nuremburg, Bamberg is located on the Regnitz River. More than 7,000 foreigners live in this city and this is inclusive of 4,100 members of the United States Army along with their dependants.

It is assumed that this city derived its name from the House of the Bamberg family. It would be rather tough for tourists not to be impressed by Bamberg, which is adjudged as one of the most beautiful cities of Germany, thanks largely due to its superb palaces, magnificent cathedrals, along with a majestic center. Tourists will be impressed by the architectural delights that this city presents and that which have survived the ravages of bombing.

Apart from the above, the city is also a must visit for those who love drinking beer, with more 80 breweries in close proximity to the city and 10 in the city itself. Ask the locals and they will spare no pains to explain that their city, which is spread across seven hills, is just like Rome. They also love to compare the network of waterways of their city to that of Venice. The architecture of this city will remind tourists of Prague because the designs were done by the same set of architects. The Old Town of Bamberg is inscribed on UNESCO World Heritage List.

Bamberg Cathedral

Bamberg Cathedral

The repercussions of the Second World War left most cities of Germany damaged. However, Bamberg is one of the few such cities that were left untouched because of an artillery factory situated at close quarters that prohibited planes from approaching nearby.

Tourist Sights

Alte Hofhaltung: Built as the Bishop’s palace during 1571-1576, Alte Hoftaltun is considered amongst the best creations of the German Renaissance. Currently this building showcases a historical museum for decorative and applied art. Those who are interested in festivals should check out the Calderón Festival that is held it its courtyard.

Bamberg Cathedral: Locally known as the Dom, the Bamberg Cathedral boasts of four towers. Its main entrance lies on the north side, known as the Prince’s Doorway or the Fürstentor. This entrance is decorated with figures of prophets and apostles along with a relief of the Last Judgement that is located within the arch.

Michaelsberg: Tourists are recommended to check out the former Benedictine abbey that lies atop the hill in Bamberg. Over here, one can also find St. Michael’s Church. The north and west side of this church are surrounded by new abbey buildings. Do not miss out the ceiling paintings in the church that depict medicinal herbs.

New Residence: Known in local parlance as the Neue Residenz, this structure is considered to be one of the greatest works of J.L. Dientzenhofer. Do not miss the gallery of German Art and the State Library. Horticulturists will find interested to view the beautiful rose garden in the courtyard.

Festivals: Bamberg offers tourists with an option to view several festivals with the most famous ones being the Calderon Festival, which is a renowned open-air theater festival hosted in the courtyard of the Alte Hofhaltung each year, during the month of June. Also, try to attend the Sandkerwa, a religious festival and the Street Magician festival.