Berlin is the capital of united Germany and prior to that it was the capital of Germany and before that the old capital of Prussia. It is also famous for its museums, including one that exhibits the bust of Nofretete-Nefertiti.

Tourists are awe struck by the architecture of its buildings, for example the Brandenburger Tor – Gate. Amongst other things, it is also famous for its Opera House and its nightlife. It has also hosted many international and historical events. The best way to get around and become familiar is by bus.

Berlin main tourist attractions:

Brandenburg Gate: Originally built and commissioned in the 1700s to represent peace, and designed in 1791 by Carl Gotthard Langhans, this gate later served as a customs post and was an integral part of the infamous Berlin Wall. This gate, now considered as an important symbol of German reunification, has gained significant importance since the wall was broken down and is. Tourists can have a view of the goddess Victory that lies atop the structure.

Berlin Wall: The Berlin Wall was originally one hundred miles long and was constructed by the Communist government of the former east. All that is left today are a few sections of the wall near the Ostbahnhof and the Reichstag. These sections have been preserved to remind Berliners of the 28-year division of their city. The remnants of the Berlin Wall now serve as an outdoor gallery of art from local and city artists.

Schloss Charlottenburg: Commissioned nearly three centuries ago, this immaculately restored and maintained palace, surrounded by plush gardens, enthralls tourists with exhibits comprising of romantic paintings.

Potsdamer Platz and the New Centre: One of the busiest squares throughout Europe during the 1900s, it boasts of a platform that permitted westerners to view over the wall into the Eastern part of the then divided Germany. Neglected for quite some time, after recent renovations, it is fast converting into the heart of the city with its multitude of constructions including restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars. Visitors should check out the Sony Center. To get the best view of the city, visit Panorama Point that lies on top of the Kollhof building.

Jewish Centre – New Synagogue: Constructed in 1866, damaged by bombing in 1943, and restored the mid 1990s, the Jewish Centre is located in the heart of Scheunenviertel, Berlin’s Jewish district. Visitors should check out its Moorish Dome, one of its highlights. They should also check out the Old Jewish Cemetry, located at close quarters in Schönhauser Allee.

Berlin Reichstag
Berlin Reichstag

Must Visit: Apart from the above, there are many other important tourist spots like the Oranienburger Strasse 28-30 (food, drinks, shopping… you name it, it has them all), Unter den Linden, Television Tower (Fernsehturm), and Spandau Citadel (Spandauer Zitadelle).

Festivals and Events:

A number of festivals and events take place in Berlin annually. Some of them include the New Year’s Run, the Green Week, and much more. Since the dates of many other popular events chance every year, tourists should get in tough with the German Embassy or Consulate. Do whatever you like, but do not miss the Berlinale International Film Festival, held from the beginning to mid February.

Transportation & Lodging:

Flights, train, bus, and car connects Berlin with the rest of the world. Accommodation is no problem with hotels suitable for all budgets readily available. Cologne, a shopper’s paradise, is also renowned for its nightlife.