Alte Nationalgalerie

Your search for some of the largest collections of nineteenth century paintings and sculptures in Germany begins and ends over here. A must visit for those who are interested in art, the Alte Nationalgalerie, or the Old National Gallery is a treasure trove that contains artworks of the types of impressionist, biedermeier, romantic, early modernist, and classical too.

This museum is also a part of the other museums that are situated in Museum Island (Museumsinsel)and its collections belong to the Berlin State Museums (Staatliche Museum zu Berlin). It is also a UNESCO designated world heritage site.

Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie, Museum island

Berlin, Alte Nationalgalerie, Museum island

Though it had been planned for many years starting from the year 1815, the actual establishing of this museum took place in the year 1861, helped by the donations of 262 German and foreign paintings that were donated to the museum by Johann Heinrich Wagener.

The sheer shape of the building, which is shaped like a Roman Temple will awe visitors. Visitors to this museum can find works of famous artists like Karl Blechen, Karl Friedrish Schinkel, Claude Mones, Edouard Monet, and Casper David Friedrich, amongst others. Tourists should not miss out on the double statue of Friedericke of Prussia and princess Louise.