Altes Museum

This is place to visit if you are interested to view lots of vases and statues from the Roman and Greek era. Constructed between 1823 and 1830, the Altes Museum is famous with tourists because of its huge collection of antique artifacts. Karl Friedrich Schinkel built this neoclassical style structure for displaying the art collection of the Prussian royal family.

The Altes Museum has been designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1999. Visitors should not miss out the antique collection of the Berlin State Museums which are displayed over here since 1966.

Berlin Altes Museum

Berlin Altes Museum

The architecture of this building has borrowed a lot from the Greek Stoa in Athens and this is aptly evident in its classical architecture. This building was originally constructed to house the entire fine art collections of the city. Of special mention are the eighteen ionic columns that grace the front of this magnificent building.

Tourists will not believe their eyes when they are confronted with the fact that the entire structure was demolished during the second world war when a tank truck exploded in front of it. It was renovated and opened to the public in the year 1966.

Its main floor houses the Museum of Antiques. Renovations that have again begun in 2009 will connect the Altes Museum with the other museums in the island via a special corridor.