Berlin Beer Festival

Nearly one million people come every year for beer guzzling, music and all around good times with many using flight comparison sites to find the cheapest flights to Berlin. No, it is not Oktoberfest; it is the Berlin Beer Festival. With over 1,800 varieties of beer it is the perfect way to quench ones thirst. Not just beers native to Germany, but countries from all over the world, will promote their brands of beer. If one is a beer lover, this is the must see event of the year. 

Every year around the 5th -7th of August, this festival is held. This year is special because it is the 15th annual Berlin Beer Festival. It will be held in the Karl Marx Allee. There is always a distinctive combination of culture and amusement. Normally over 85 other countries are represented including, Belgium and the U.K.
Even non-beer drinkers can appreciate this festival. There are also extravagant foods, music and stage entertainment. This is why so many refer to this as a festival. The famous beer garden at this festival, is by standards one of the world’s longest. The festivals grounds will have up to eighteen stages set up. There will be live music and many regions selling their beer and culinary specialties.

One of the reasons this festival is so popular is because the price, free. By not paying hefty admissions, it leaves more money for beer drinking. Last year, there were 86 countries represented. There were over 2,000 types of bears, something for everyone.

Everyone knows that the measurements of a good beer include hops, appearance, aroma, foam, yeast, malt, and the finish. Making beer is an art form. It takes the hands of crafty brewers to make the perfect beer. Perhaps that is why some of the best beers come out of Belgian, Germany and Czechoslovakia. It is the difference between a regular beer and something great.

While most of the beers in this region are superb, here are some recommended fan favourites:

• Brandenburg-This rye bear is from Germany. It is creamy and rick with an attractive foam. It has a sweet flavour with a hint of rye.

• Grimbergen Optimo Bruno- This beer will surely please. It is from the country of Belgium. It is a dark beer with a sweet taste and more than 10% alcohol content, it packs a punch.

• Leffe Dark- This is another popular Belgium beer. It is very popular and many know the name and have tried the blonde variety. It has many flavours that pop to the surface include fruit and a bit of ale. This beer is defiantly a pallet pleaser.

• Fuller’s Vintage Ale-This surprisingly nutty tasting beer, was a delight. It is by far a crowd pleaser. Coming from the United Kingdom, this one wins the prize. Not an especially strong beer, but hits the spot on a sunny, warm day.

Whether one comes for the beer or the festivals, this event is sure to please. With more than 2,000 varieties of beers to try and many various travel deals this is not one to miss. Just make sure you have a designated driver for the trip home.