Bode Museum

Check out its entrance hall in the evening when the lights are on… they look so dreamlike with statues lining the sides of the walls. Completed in the year 1904, the Bode Museum, which was designed by Ernst von Ihne is amongst a group of museums that make up the Museum Island (Museumsinsel)in Berlin. It lies at the northern end of the island and is locally known as Bodemuseum.

Although the museum was originally named after Emperor Fredrick III, its name was later changed on in the year 1956 to reflect the name of its initial curator, Wilhelm von Bode, who looked after its collection from the year 1872 to 1929. He was also responsible in enlarging and developing the museum in the capacity of a director of the in the years 1906 to 1920.

Berlin Bode Museum, Museum island

Berlin Bode Museum, Museum island

The construction of the building began in the year 1897 and it is a classic example of the Neo-Baroque school of architecture. Visitors are recommended to check out the bronze cast of the statue of Schluter. One should also not miss viewing the great dome over the stairwell. This is also the perfect opportunity to check out the intricate staircase. This museum is famous for its exhibits of sculptures like the Dancer by Antonio Canova, Adam and Eve by Kren, and A Fountain by Gian Lorenzo Bernini.

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