Neues Museum

What you see today is the restoration of a beautiful piece of art that was shattered during the Second World War. Situated to the north of the Old Museum, the New Museum, whose plans were drafted by Friedrich August Stuler, was built between the years 1843 and 1855. It was initially opened for public view in the year 1859. David Chipperfield, the famous English architect, was roped in for the restoration work of the same. Thrown open for visitors on October 2009, the New Museum provides viewers a rare glimpse into ancient history. Even though the building was ravaged during the war, most of its exhibits survived the bombing and they are put up for view now.

Berlin Neues Museum

Berlin Neues Museum

It is rumored that the restoration and rebuilding of this museum is one of the most significant of such projects in Europe. The current building consists of five floors including the basement. The old structure was constructed in the neo-Classical style. Arguably, it was one of the most ambitious projects of its era with the then latest technologies like steam engines being used for its construction.

Do not forget to keep a date with the Egyptian beauty when you do visit the New Museum. Amongst its myriad of Egyptian exhibits like the papyrus collections, it also boasts of the bust of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti. (photo: Marku1988)

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