Red Town Hall

Built between the years 1861-1869 and designed by Hermann Friedrich Waesemann, the Red Town Hall is the successor to the sixteenth century town hall of Berlin. It is situated near Alexanderplatz on Rathausstraße in the Mitte district.

Berlin, The Red Town Hall

Berlin, The Red Town Hall

This huge north Italian high Renaissance building boasts of three inner courtyards and has a tower that is 74 meters tall. The architecture of the tower will remind visitors about France’s Notre-Dame le Laon cathedral tower.

The reality is that it was modeled on the design of the old town hall of Torun, Poland. This building, which was badly damaged during the Second World War was rebuilt according to its original plans between the years 1951-1956.

The foundation stone of the Red Town Hall (Rotes Rathaus), where the first meeting of the town council was held towards the end of 1865, was laid in June, 1861. Those knowledgeable enough know that this building acquired its name because of the red colored clinker bricks that was used for constructing it.

Berlin,  Rotes Rathaus

Berlin, Rotes Rathaus

However, some individuals are of the opinion that the name was derived due to the due to the democratic spirit displayed by the municipal authorities. An entire city block is currently occupied by this building.