3 Insider Secrets for Solo Travelers to Bielefeld, Germany

3 Insider Secrets for Solo Travelers to Bielefeld, Germany

Bielefeld is in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Although it boasts a history dating back to the year 1215, you find it on nary a travel advisory. Thus overshadowed by other German cities and their landmarks, the solo traveler will nevertheless be well served to make Bielefeld a stop. If you need a hotel […]

Things to in Trier

Do you intend to visit Germany for business or leisure? As a matter of fact, one of the places you must not miss as when you get to this beautiful country is Trier.

Things to in Stuttgart

Stuttgart, state capital of Baden-Württemberg, is renowned the world over for its automobile museums. Apart from this, it also boasts of many other attractions that pull tourists from all over the world. Lovers of nature will love the greenery of its parks and gardens.

Things to in Ulm

Famous for being the birthplace of Albert Einstien, Ulm is a German city located close to the Danube River. It is also famous internationally for its church that has the tallest steeple in the world, which soars 161 meters in the sky. Located in the centre of the city and known as the Ulm Minister, […]

Things to in Passau

Also known as Dreiflüssestadt (the city of three rivers), and nestled away on the German/Austrian border, Passau is situated in Lower Bavaria. It is close to the Danube, which is connected on the north by Liz and on the south by Inn. It is famous for its structures including the cathedral of St. Stephen which […]

Things to in Mainz

Mainz is the chief city of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz, which is at times referred to as Rhineland-Palatinate in the Southwest of Germany. Mainz is located within the Rhein-Main region with Wiesbaden and Frankfurt. This is at the extreme eastern border of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz. With respect to genius, Johannes Gutenberg developed the printing […]

Things to in Bodensee

In Germany, Bodensee (known in English as Lake Constance) lies on the Rhine at the northern end of the Alps. It consists of three parts, the Untersee, the Obersee, and the Seerhein. The last named is connected with the Rhine. Three countries, Austria, Switzerland, and Germany share this lake, which derives its name after Bodman, […]

Things to in Cologne

Situated close to Bonn, Cologne, known in Germany as Köln is the 4th biggest city in Germany apart from being the biggest in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. Boasting of the Rhine River as its neighbor, this city, irrespective of its size, is exceedingly beautiful. Apart from the various tourist attractions, Cologne is also a historian’s […]

Things to in Hanover

Situated by the Leine River, Hanover was once the family seat of the Hanoverian kings of Great Britain. It is one of the major centers of north Germany and is famous all over the world for its various trade fairs like the CeBIT and the Hanover Fair. Apart from this, this city is also famous […]

Things to in Dresden

Located in a valley on the river Elbe, near the Czech border, Dresden is the capital city of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. Dresden has been the capital, as well as the royal residence for the Kings of Saxony and the Electors. The historical center of this city was destroyed to a large […]