5 Things Not To Miss When Visiting Berlin

The illustrious capital city of Germany, Berlin is Germany’s largest city and arguably its greatest. The metropolis has had a significant place in the history of the world. Berlin is famed all over, for its varied architecture, art and culture, nightlife and a high standard of living. There are a wide range of accommodation in […]

What to See in Munich and How to Get There

Munich is a city with such a rich culture and history, that you could spend years and still discover new things about it. While we won’t be able to cover everything there is to do, we can look at the things we believe nobody should miss.

How to Live Like a Local in Munich

How to Live Like a Local in Munich

Munich’s rich culture can be experienced, at least in part, by any visitor. There are plenty of ways to make sure that, in this experience, you feel less like an outsider and more like a local. Here are a few essential tips for it.

Germany TOP travel destinations

Millions of visitors travel to Germany each year, United States alone accounts for almost 3 million visitors each year. Tourists to Germany come for the welcoming and friendly nature of the people, the breathtaking landscapes and natural beauty, and the world-class accommodations available for every one from the budget-minded traveler to the jet-setting celebrity. Here […]

Berlin city break essentials

Berlin has risen from the ashes of post-war division to become one of the world’s greatest, exciting and innovative cities.

Germany golf resorts

What is the fun of playing golf when the air all around is polluted? Germany offers some of the most thrilling golf courses for both amateurs and professionals and is the perfect gateway to enjoy your holidays without sacrificing on your favorite sport. It also provides tourists with some of the most picturesque golf courses […]

Germany spa resorts

Welcome to Germany, famous over the centuries for its spas and wellness. Julius Caesar might have died centuries ago, but had he been alive today, you might have found him wandering around in the streets of Baden-Baden. Chances are bright that he might have visited this place when he was alive because history recalls that […]

Amusement parks and theme parks in Germany

Surprise everyone by opting for a trip to Germany! The holiday season is round the corner and its time to take the loved members of your family along with you to some foreign destination. Boasting of a huge variety of amusement and theme parks, there are few countries in the world that can challenge Germany […]

3 Insider Secrets for Solo Travelers to Bielefeld, Germany

3 Insider Secrets for Solo Travelers to Bielefeld, Germany

Bielefeld is in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Although it boasts a history dating back to the year 1215, you find it on nary a travel advisory. Thus overshadowed by other German cities and their landmarks, the solo traveler will nevertheless be well served to make Bielefeld a stop. If you need a hotel […]

The Ritz-Carlton Berlin Hotel

This hotel, reflecting Berlin’s rich history and grandeur, is architecturally reminiscent of the Art Deco buildings 1920s New York and Chicago. Guests enter a spacious lobby with a grand marble staircase, wrought-iron railing, marble columns, and a sparkling chandelier. The famous Ritz service attracts international leisure and business travelers.

Hotel Berlin

One of the first two hotels built in Berlin after the city’s devastation during World War II, and expanded twice since, the hotel serves as a major conference center and also attracts leisure travelers who enjoy the hotel’s convenient location between East and West Berlin.

Finding books and bookstores in Berlin

Germans don’t read as much they used to. According to a recent study, only about 6 percent of the German population picks up a book on a regular basis. This is all the more surprising to anyone who has ever spent any time exploring the streets of Berlin. Bookstores are everywhere. Certain streets, like Knesebeckstraße […]

Maritim Reichshof Hotel, Hamburg

ADDRESS Kirchenallee 34-36 Hamburg, 20099 Germany Nearest major airport: Hamburg, Germany (HAM-Fuhlsbuettel) NEARBY POINTS OF INTEREST Near the hotel: Shopping malls Museums: Hamburg Art Gallery, Museum of Hamburg History, Museum for Arts and Crafts. Theatres: German Theatre, Hamburgs State Opera, Thalia Theatre Musical theatres: The Lion King, Mozart-The Musical Place of interest: Hamburg habour, the […]

Le Meridien Hamburg

Integrated in a nature reserve, this large modern brick building has a spacious entrance area with light wood paneling, marble floor and cream-colored tapestry. Businesspeople and tourists relax in the lobby’s comfortable oversized armchairs and sofas in green and red checked cottage design.

Kempinski Hotel Gravenbruch Frankfurt

This lakeside hotel was originally a hunting estate, established in the 16th century. The understated entrance gives way to a lobby outfitted in earth tones. Here, businesspeople and vacationers enjoy drinks and snacks in big leather sofas and armchairs facing the original fireplace.

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