There are lots of ways to ; it is either by plane with an airport which is a home to a number of affordable airlines such as: WizzAir, EasyJet and Air berlin. They mainly serve national and European travelers. Take note that train or tram directly connected to the airport. However there are several transports available to the airport and to Dortmund central station.

You can also reach the place by Train since Dortmund’s central station is the intersection known several railways lines within Germany. Or if you prefer to go there by bus which is right next at the Train station. You can take the Eurolines Bus towards Neum, and the BiH towards the Adriatic Sea. However, if you wish to travel by a rented car, you can reach Dortmund using the motorway A1, A2, A40, A42, A44 and A45; or through B1, B54 and B236.

Upon reaching Dortmund, you can take or use public transport in going around within the place. You can take the sub-way to reach the central part of any of the suburbs, or ride a bus in going to its neighboring cities and to the other parts of the North Rhine Westphalia as well as Germany by different regions or through national train lines.

Upon reaching the City you might as well tour and explore the Television Tower Florian, or go to Zoo Dortmund, the Rosarium which shows a compilation of over 3000 species of roses. Then there are the Remains of the Syburg which was established in year 1100, the Vincke-Tower as well as a spectacular site over the Valley of Ruhr towards Kaiser Park. And there are the huge and old Reinoldikirche, Marienkirche churches located within the city itself.

Dortmund, Petrikirche

Dortmund, Petrikirche

On the other hand, if you love to stay and relax in Parks, there are several of them in Dortmund such as: Westfalen Park, Romberg Park and Fredenbaum Park.

Knowing a bit about the City itself will not definitely hurt you as you can visit several Museums situated within the City also. There’s the Culture and the Arts History Museum which used to be an old designed savings bank of the municipality. It is known to be the oldest of its kind Museum in the district of Ruhr. Then there are Museum am Ostwall, Museum of National History, German Cookery Museum and the Museum of Steinwache’ Memorial.

There are lots of things that you can do when in Dortmund, you can have your Christmas shopping on its Christmas Market. Or go clubbing in Borussia Dortmund, Fan Hall Dortmund and WestfalenHallen Dortmund.

Dortmund, RWE Tower

Dortmund, RWE Tower

These are just among the many things that you can do once you have decided to visit Dortmund and explore such an untapped City and enjoy its warmth and hospitality. For more information about Dortmund Germany visit their site and find out how magnificent it is to visit Dortmund.(photos:Mbdortmund)

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