Dresden Castle

Dresden Castle located in the city of Dresden, Germany is a structure that dates back to almost 500 years.  Today it stands reconstructed and a centerpiece of the city where visitors can marvel at it’s unique clash of old world architecture styles.

Actually the structure and it’s location goes back even further to the 13th Century or late 12th Century making it the oldest or one of the oldest structures in Dresden.

Leave it to Augustus II The Strong to rebuild the castle after a fire almost destroyed it in 1701. Augustus was the initiator of many of the historical structures of Dresden and the castle having been the home of electors and royalty for centuries deserved a good facelift from Augustus II.

Reconstructed Royal Dresden Castle

Reconstructed Royal Dresden Castle

However with construction adding wings and more over the next 100 or more years it was the bombing raids of WWII that again almost laid the historic monument to waste.  Fortunately many of the prized artifacts were saved due to the storing of them in a fina fortress called Koningstein.

This central structure of Saxon rule was then painstakingly reconstructed during the 1960s on up to present time.  Due to the reunification of Germany the progress accelerated with funds coming in from all over.

Now vacationers can marvel at the building and surrounding area and take in the history of close to 1,000 years of culture. (photo:Kolossos)

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