As the Empire State Building is the landmark of New York City, for the city of Dresden there is no mistaking the Hofkirche!

The Hofkirche, or the Katholische Hofkirche is almost dead center of the city and is one of the most spectacular churches you’ve ever seen.  A vacationer to the Hofkirche will find this monument which was constructed under the commission of Frederick Augustus II, The Elector of Saxony and King of Poland.  Gaetano Chiaveri was the architect who started in 1738 and completed it in 1751.  People who saw it must have been in awe at its overall beauty and size.

Dresden, Hofkirche, Cathedral of Holy Trinity

Dresden, Hofkirche, Cathedral of Holy Trinity

Inside it towers with white interiors and rows of pews and a central aisle. Inside the royalty of the family and their closest friends are interred there.

As with many of the classic structures in Dresden the Hofkirche was the target of the Allied forces during their bombing raids of WWII.  Although severely damaged, decades alter in the early to mid 1980s the government there began and completed restoration to the spectacular structure it is today.

You’ll have the most outstanding tour of fun and excitement by visiting this site and getting a taste of a building that also has a Silbermann organ that is the largest of his line.

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