Architect Gottfried Semper created one of the most astonishing opera houses ever in the likes of the Semperoper which today is the opera residence of the Saxon State Opera Dresden aka Sachsische Staatsoper Dresden.

Built in 1841, this massive structure is the culmination of several architectural styles giving tribute to several ages of European development.  It’s actually a reconstruction of the original that was destroyed in a fire almost 30 years after it was built.

It took ten years for the second version to be built by Semper’s son, Manfred.

Dresden Semperoper

Dresden Semperoper

Located on Elbe River near what is called the Theater Square.

Visitors to the site today will be astonished to find the present Semperoper is the third incarnation of this famous structure.  Like so many other classic Dresden buildings, this one fell to the onslaught of the Allied bombers in 1945.  It took 40 years more to get this building rebuilt for the third and final time.  The reconstruction followed the original plans to the finest detail.

Now, the opera house can be enjoyed by new generations of people and is a must visit site if one is visiting Dresden!

Make sure you bring your cameras as you’ll want to take lots of pictures and videos as you pose around in your best to show off to your family, friends, and neighbors!

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