Frankfurt Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum found in Frankfurt throws light on the culture and history of the Jewish communities of this region from the 12th century to the 20th century. The Museum Judengasse is another branch of Jewish Museum, found at a separate location. The Jewish Museum got initiated during the year 1988, and the museum features the Borne Gallery, the Ludwig Meidner archive, The Oskar and Emille Schindler Learning Center and a media library.

The Jewish Museum finds its place in two classical villas found on that of the Untermainkai that gets spotted across the Main as when looked at from the Schaumainkai. The villa found at no. 14 had been built for Simon Moritz von Bethmann, the banker and no. 15 for Joseph Isaak Speyer. When Mayer Carl von Rothschild had obtained no.14 during 1846, it came to be referred to as the Rothschild Palace. Frankfurt acquired both these buildings in 1928.

Frankfurt Jewish Museum, Museum Judengasse

Frankfurt Jewish Museum, Museum Judengasse

The permanent exhibition at this museum encompasses works of Ludwig Meidner and Moritz Daniel Oppenheim. One can also find cultural artifacts from synagogues as well as Jewish Homes. The Ludwig Meidner Archive at the museum unveils the estate of the painter Henry Gowa. The Museum Judengasse documents history of the Judengasse until the abolition in 1796. (photo:dontworry)

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