Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum

The art museum of Frankfurter Kunstverein was founded in the year 1829 through the efforts of some influential citizens of Frankfurt. The objective of this art museum was to play a supporting role to the blooming of arts in the city, which had been significant center of business and trade. Art works were bought and exhibitions were conducted to offer access to that of culture and art for the public.

Some of the founders of Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum include Johann Gerhard Thomas, who had been a senator as well as a mayor, John Friedrich Bohmer, the historian, and Johann David Passavant, the art historian. As of today the Frankfurter Kunstverein takes its place in the Steinernes Haus, a gothic building that dates back to 1464, which gets spotted near the old town hall. The museum has more members for supporting the various activities, and the exhibitions pertaining to contemporary art held at this museum is a renowned affair. Also visitors can come by guided tours, film programs, symposia as well as excursions that get organized at this museum.

Frankfurt, Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum

Frankfurt, Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum

The Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum is a significant meeting point for the art scene in Frankfurt. The young artists belonging to Städelschule and the popular design school HGF have close connections with the Frankfurter Kunstverein Art Museum. (photo:Mylius)

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