Goethe House

Located in the old town of Frankfurt am Main, the Goethe House was the place where the Goethe family had resided. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was born at the Goethe House in 1749, and lived at this place until the time he moved to Leipzig for studying law.

The prodigiously talented Goethe wrote The Sorrows of Young Werther here, which had been his first novel that received substantial acknowledgment. Visitors to the Goethe House can take a look at his writing desk, as this desk must have been used by the renowned writer to pen his early works. It was Goethe’s grandmother who had bought the house initially in 1733, as the house was owned by several of owners after the Goethe family had left the house in 1795.

Frankfurt Goethe House

Frankfurt Goethe House

It was Otto Volger, the geologist who bought the house in 1863 and restored it to embrace the conditions that were prevalent during the times of the Goethe family, to turn into a monument in honor of the famous inhabitant. The Second World War inflicted its damage in the year 1944, as it got restored between the period 1947 and 1951, as it also got restored to resemble its original condition very closely. The Goethe Museum, the next door neighbor of the Goethe House, was opened for public view along with the Goethe House in the year 1954.(photo:Mylius)

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