The late 19th century villa of Liebieghaus houses the Städtische Galerie Liebieghaus, which is a municipal sculpture collection and is a part of Museumsufer. The Liebieghaus had been erected in the year 1896, which had been erected for Baron Heinrich von Lieberg, the Bohemian textile manufacturer, and this palatial retirement home was built along the lines of Historicist style. By 1908, Frankfurt had acquired this building.

The Liebieghaus had got renovated in the year 2009, as the ‘Open Depot’ providing access to the public was added. This paved way for the public to view parts of the collection that does not get exhibited in the permanent exhibition.

Frankfurt Liebieghaus

Frankfurt Liebieghaus

The collection at the Liebieghaus encompasses Egyptian, Roman and Greek sculpture, as it also includes Renaissance, Baroque, Medieval and Classicist pieces, as one can also find works from the Far East. Additions to the collections were made possible through international purchases and endowments, with the scope remaining universal.

Standing on the Shaumainkai, the building is propped up by the garden, where one can find many sculptures on display, which also includes a replica of Dannecker’s Ariadne on the Panther. If you are one of the enthusiasts having a good appetite for art, there are thematic tours available at the Liebieghaus, which is sure to satiate your thirst for knowledge. (photo:Popie)

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