The embankment to the southern sections of the Main River in Frankfurt is referred as the Museumsufer, as it is also called the Museum Embankment. Owing to large concentration of museums found at this place, this site has taken the name of Museumsufer. The Museumsufer stretches between that of the Friedensbrücke bridge spotted in the west and the Dreikönigskirche church found in the eastern sections.

The trip that makes up for the Museumsufer unveils thirteen museums of this city of Frankfurt, and the museums get hosted by wonderfully restored villas that date back to the 1900s, as they are set amid structures that belong the 1800s. The southern section of the Museumsufer unveils many museums as that includes the Icon Museum, which boasts of collections of Bulgarian, Greek and Russian icons; and Stadel, which is one of the renowned fine art museum found in Germany, among the many other museums.

Frankfurt Museumsufer

Frankfurt Museumsufer

The northern section of the Museumsufer unveils Jewish Museum Frankfurt, as the museum unveils collection that throw light on the fate of the Jewish community experienced over many centuries and the Historisches Museum, which holds master paintings as well as sculptures. The street here gets referred to as Schaumainkai, and offers access to the largest flea market to be found in Frankfurt.(photo:dontworry)

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