St. Bartholomeus Cathedral

The Gothic building of St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral is situated in center of Frankfurt, Germany. As the main church of the city, Frankfurt Church had been erected during the 14th and the 15th centuries. The St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral had been raised on the foundation of an earlier church that dated back to the Merovingian time.

The year 1356 marked the beginning of the election of the Kings related to the Holy Roman Empire at this Catholic Church, and during the period that extended from 1562 to 1792, the church was the place where the emperors had been crowned. The St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral had been held high in esteem as the symbol pertaining to national unity of Germany, particularly during the 19th century. The fire that broke out in the 18th century destroyed the church, as it was later rebuilt to assume the present form.

Frankfurt St. Bartholomeus Cathedral

Frankfurt St. Bartholomeus Cathedral

The old town of Frankfurt was subjected to six bombardments carried out by the Allied forces during the period October 1943 to March 1944, as this cathedral also took the brunt of the attack, with the interiors getting burnt completely. Subsequent to the damages inflicted upon the St. Bartholomeus’ Cathedral during the Second World War, reconstruction was carried out in the 1950s. (

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