St. Paul’s Church

Found in the Frankfurt am Main, the St. Paul’s Church had got initiated as a Protestant church way back in 1789, as it had also served as the seat pertaining to the Frankfurt Parliament during the period 1848-1849. The construction of church had begun with that of the oval-shaped and central church building during the year 1789, as it had got completed between 1829 and 1833. During the German revolutions of 1848, St. Paul’s Church had served as the meeting place  to the Frankfurt Parliament, as it also was held as the place for meetings to Vorparlament.

Frankfurt Paulskirche

Frankfurt Paulskirche

It was in the year 1852 that St. Paul’s Church was again put to use for religious services. The year 1944 witnessed the destruction of the church, as the reconstruction had started after the Second World War had come to an end. It was on the occasion related to the centennial celebrations pertaining to German National Assembly that it got consecrated, which happened on the 18th May 1948.

Also, the period extending from 1998 to 1991 witnessed the renovation of the church, as the enormous mural pertaining to the ‘The Path of the Representatives to St. Paul’s Church’ was made possible by Johannes Grützke, the Berlin-based painter, which was unveiled during the year 1991, at the basement. The permanent exhibition here unveils the development related to German unity as well as the democracy found during various stages.

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