The small German town of Fussen is located about 5 kilometers from the border of Austria on the Lech River banks in Bavaria. Fussen was an important town of the Roman territory of Raetia. One of the merits of the town is the serenity it affords every visitor. It is surely a good place for anyone who wants to avoid for some period of time, the hurly burly of city life. Here, you can derive maximum relaxation and recuperation.

The town offers a remarkable historical panorama and great beauty. Situated at the base of the mount highlands of Bavaria, Fussen is calculated to be 2650ft above sea level. This earns its reputation as the town with the highest elevation in Germany. As peculiar to many places in the country, ancient historic sights mark the landscape of the town. These can be viewed as you take a walk around.

Fussen old town

Fussen old town

Sincerely, this destination is bound to engage everyone who is visiting. You will also be fascinated by the spectacle of the rivers and mountains.

The Schloss Hohensschewangau is the abode where King Ludwig II used to spend summer. This name connotes Castle of the High Mountains. It is situated on the site of an antiquated fortification. As you tread the floors the castle, you will be stepping on the places where the royalty of Germany trod in ancient times.

To make the visit more interesting there are guides to the history of that place written in different language so that no visitor will remain ignorant of the its wonderful history.

The Neuschwanstein Castle is another place that everyone who comes to Fussen must make sure to visit. It is one of the most popular castles around the town and it is similar to the castles talked about in fairy tales because of its towers which are helical in shape.

You will also find enormous stone walls here. Wagner was much loved by the monarch, King Ludwig II and the name of the castle was therefore derived from Swan Knight in one of his theatricals.

The adulation which the King accorded Wagner is depicted in some of the paintings that can be seen on the castle walls. From St Mary’s bridge, flanking the castle, a superlative sight of the building can be achieved. Here, it is not uncommon to see tourists taking snapshots of the site.

Furthermore, there is available for your pleasure, water sports activities on the Hopfensee and Weissensee beaches. The cable cars will also make your visit a remarkable one. From the cars you can experience a surpassing vista. The available lodging and menus contain both local and transcontinental cuisine, bound to be appreciated by all.