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What is the fun of playing golf when the air all around is polluted? Germany offers some of the most thrilling golf courses for both amateurs and professionals and is the perfect gateway to enjoy your holidays without sacrificing on your favorite sport. It also provides tourists with some of the most picturesque golf courses in the world. It is a well-established fact that golf lovers always check whether golf courses are available in the destination country before they book a ticket. This year make Germany your destination. Its fascinating cities along with its dreamy countryside make it a destination of choice amongst golfers from all over the world.

Set deep within the heart of Europe, Germany has left a historical mark that is indelible in the minds of visitors. Just close your eyes and dream of this country. It is synonymous with poolside beach towels, black forest gateaux, reliable cars, and of course, the Liefraumilch. Germany also boasts of more than 650 golf courses throughout the country and you can be rest assured that you should find one that suits your requirements. Contrary to popular belief, golfing in Germany has taken off in a big way with nearly half a million people now affiliated to the various courses dotting the countryside.

German golf course, playing golf in Germany

German golf course, playing golf in Germany

This along with the famous German food and beer make it the best destination for Golfers from all over the world. It is difficult to describe the pristine countryside and greenery of the courses unless one pays a visit to them. Accommodation is no problem with hotels available near all the courses. These hotels also offer opportunities for conducting your business. Hence, you can enjoy your game without leaving your business aside.

Visitors will be surprised by the fact that the Harti golf resort Bad Griesbach is considered as one of Europe’s leading golf courses. It provides 6 18-hole courses along with 3 9-hole courses. Apart from this, it is also the world’s largest golfing academy. Check it out and hone your golfing skills at the academy.

If you love thermal baths then you should check out the Dorint Parkhotel Bad Neuenahr. It is situated near the Ahr river on the Dahlia Garden. Situated close to the golf course are some of Germany’s famous thermal baths that help to relax mind, body, and soul. End of the day playing some slot machines at the closely located casino. If lady luck is on your side, you might well end up winning all the money you spent on your holidays.

German golf course

German golf course

Those who love nature the most should check out the Golfhotel Bodensee that is situated close to Lake Constance. Enjoy playing golf with the picturesque Alps in the background. If you are lucky enough, you might even get the chance of enjoying local festivals during certain times of the year. For an astonishing experience visit the Parkhotel Adler, which is regarded as the world,’s leading small hotel. Situated at the foot of the Adler ski jump, on the south of the Black Forest, this provides an excellent gateway for lovers of nature and golf.

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