There are quite a number of university towns in Germany and Göttingen is one amongst them. There are numerous tourist attractions in this small town and it might take tourists more than a single day to view all of them. Those who are interested in paintings and art collections should check out the Auditorium maximum that was built between the years 1862-1865 and lies on the northern edge of the town center. Do not miss out on the art collection of the university which is exhibited over here.

There are quite a number of universities in this town and they include the Goethe Institut, the Max Planck Institute for Experimental Medicine, the German Aerospace Center, and the Georg-August University of Göttingen amongst others. The citizens of this town are sports lovers and the number of sports teams and clubs verifies this fact.

Gottingen old town

Gottingen old town

Do whatever you like, but do not miss out the cute sculpture of the goose girl that is situated in front of Göttingen Town Hall. According to tradition, every new graduate in this city must kiss this girl. Lovers of music will be enthralled by the week long Handel musical festival that takes place in this town during the early part of June every year.

Approximately fifteen performances are held every year in this festival that is dedicated to famous composers like Beethoven, Bach, and Handel. Those who are interested in churches will find a number of churches in this city including the St. Mary’s Church, St. John’s Church, St. Alban Church, and the St. James Church.

There are a number of other tourist spots worth visiting and they include the University library, the Theaterplatz, the Municipal Museum, the Barfussertrasse, and the Great Hall.