While traveling to Germany, do not leave out Heidelberg from your itinerary. Located in the southwestern part of Germany, this city is famous for its castles, museums, and for the University of Heidelberg, which is the oldest university in Germany. Apart from that, it is also famous for its local festivals and events, celebrated throughout the year. Apart from being the fifth largest city of Baden-Württemberg, it is famous for its romantic and picturesque landscape that includes the Heidelberg Castle too.

Tourist Spots:

Heidelberg Castle: This charming old castle dominates Heidelberg’s skyline. The different styles used for its construction never cease to amaze visitors. However, it is not surprising considering that the construction of this castle took place in bits and pieces over many years. Check out the cellar containing the Big Barrel (Grosses Fass). You can access the same via the courtyard. This castle is lit up with tiny lamps during the night, making it a treat for the eyes.

Heidelberg Castle

Heidelberg Castle

Philosophenweg (the Philosopher’s Walk): Enjoy the beautiful view of the city from this spot located atop a hill. Tread carefully on the hallowed spot where teachers and philosophers of Heidelberg once used to walk. This is an ideal spot for resting and enjoying a picnic.

The Town Market: Heidelberg boasts of a number of nice and little markets, with the best one being across the river in Neunheim. You can buy a wide range of fresh produce from here including cheese, flowers, vegetables, fruits etc. Do not forget to take your camera along with you. Check out the French bakery famous for their croissants and then relish some coffee in café Moro.

Studentenkarzer (Student’s Prison}: Do not miss out the “Student’s Prison,” situated inside the University of Heidelberg, where student’s were imprisoned for small mistakes like disturbing the peace or drinking at night. According to rumors, academic miscreants were kept inside this prison for stretches ranging from 3 days to 4 weeks. This university also hosts a botanical garden.

Heidelberg, Old town

Heidelberg, Old town

Must Visit: The Memorial to Kirchof and Bunsen, the German Museum of Pharmacy,

Festivals and Events:

Quite a number of festivals take place in Heidelberg throughout the year. The New Year’s Eve is one of the most renowned of them. Then there is the international music festival that takes place between mid-March to mid-April that attracts both contemporary and classical musicians from all over the world. Schlossbeleuchtung, or the castle lighting is yet another event that takes place three times annually including on the first Saturday of June. The castle is lit up in such a manner that it appears to be in flames. Do not miss the fireworks show during this event. This event also takes place on the second Saturday of July.

Transportation & Lodging:

Heidelberg has a very good railway connection with the rest of Germany. Tourists can also visit the city through car or bus. The nearest airports are in Stuttgart and Frankfurt and both airports have train connection with Heidelberg. There are innumerous hotels in the city including Hotel Die Hirschgase Heidelberg, Hotel Garni Kurpfalzhof, Hotel Villa Marstall, Hotel Qube Heidelberg, and many more.