Hexentanzplatz, Harz Mountains

Anyone will get enthralled by the beautiful terrain of Harz Mountains. It had its origins in the glacial period with the ice from Scandinavian region. Though the altitude is low, the mountains offer scenic views and pleasant stays.

If you like to walk on the mountains start at the Thale town. Again, the landscape and the lush vegetation attract the tourists to the region than the facilities of the Thale town. The Hexentanzplatz is well known among the visitors. There are the local cable car services across the river to reach the mountain tops. Springs are famous for the Walpurgisnacht.

Once you reach the mountain you can choose any of the two paths. The left one takes you to an open theater while the right one leads you to Witches Dancing place. The natural theatre is carved out and lies opposite to the mountains. Traditional folk stories, legends, and fairy tales are conducted in this place usually from May-September.

View from the Hexentanzplatz into the Bode Gorge, Harz mountains

View from the Hexentanzplatz into the Bode Gorge, Harz mountains

The Witches Dancing place is a shopping destination and a perfect lodging place. You can buy the best of the souvenirs, dine at good and affordable rates at hotels and enjoy life at mountains. The lodgings are also fairly low. There is a zoo further upwards along the dancing place. The Animal Park features some of the animals in the area both in the current and past times. The Zoo has a number of birds and other animals but not bear. On a hiking trip you have every chance to meet some deers and other animals.

Whether you come single or as a family, the place is best suited for hiking. The path is short and you can always turn back if you don’t want to proceed and take the challenge. Check out some reviews of those who had dared to go. It will make the process of decision making easier. Whether you love cross country skiing or plain hiking, there are a variety of choices available for you and the list is never exhaustive. (photo:ArtMechanic)

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