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What are your travels plans for the summer holidays? Are you planning to remain back home or take your family along with you to some overseas locales? You might be tired of the same routine that takes place every year. It is just visiting some country, visit the cities, enjoy a bit of architecture and other normal tourist stuff like shopping, visiting the museums, and at the end of the day returning to the hotel. Chances are that your family likes this type of trips, but have they been provided with an alternative?

Chances are bright that they have been not. It is high time that you took them on a special hiking trip in Germany. Each country is famous for one aspect or the other. Switzerland is famous for its Alps, Egypt for its pyramids… but as far as nature and tranquility is concerned, there is nothing to beat Germany. The pristine mountain paths, the scenic parks, the lovely lakes… all of them make Germany a different tourist locale from the rest. It is not for nothing that Germany is often referred to as the `lung of Europe.’ The vast swathes of greenery that you will find over there will please your heart to no end.

Hiking in the Wetterstein Mountains Alps in Germany

Hiking in the Wetterstein Mountains Alps in Germany

Start your hiking tour by opting for the 66 lakes around Berlin. Check out the Brandenburg countryside along with its unspoiled landscapes that are scattered around Berlin. Be prepared to relax as you find yourself in peace and solace while moving beside the small and large lakes. Every now and then, you can refresh yourself by taking a dip in these lakes. The silent, dense woods provide the perfect opportunity for those who are seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Once you have completed the above, it is time to hike from one heritage site to the other as you begin your journey in Bingen. There are various tourist attractions in this place including the Mouse Tower. The start of the trail is from the Drusus Bridge across River Nahe. Keep on hiking through the Hunsruck hills that take you back in the past to the Roman Empire. Your ultimate destination in this route is Trier. There are countless things to discover in this route including Roman games at the Ausoniushutte where you can find a section of the original Roman road. When in this area check out the flower filled summer meadows of the Hunsruck hills which is one of the best abodes of Mother Nature.

Those who prefer architectural structures like massive circular towers and medieval castles should opt for the Burgenwanderwerg/Naturpark Hoher Flaming path. This will permit you to take a 122 kilometer circular path that are chock full of historical and cultural highlights like magnificent palaces and exquisite churches. Check out the dry valleys that have been created by the glaciers of the ice age. These all are just the tip and there is much more for those who are interested in hiking in Germany.

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