Historic Berlin Photography Walking Tour

This tour starts in the center of “Mitte”, Berlin’s lively number one residential district with its old houses, streets and backyards. One of these, the “Hackesche Höfe” was reconstructed and now is home for art galleries, restaurants, cinemas and manufactures where we can watch and photograph craftsmen at work.


  • Photography walking tour of Berlin’s historic sites
  • Focuses on Berlin’s photogenic sights including the Museumsinsel (Museum Island) for architecture photography, the Schlossbrücke (Castle Bridge), the Staatsoper (Opera House), statue of “Frederic The Great, and the Nicolai Quarter
  • Pick up tips for photographing buildings, people and city scenes
  • Review your shots with a professional, highlighting lighting, contrast, composition and creativity
  • Informative commentary from your professional photographer guide

After a short walk and crossing the “Spree-River” we reach the “Museumsinsel” (Museum Island) where we can do architecture photography. Constructed under several Prussian Kings with internationally renowned museums. The monumental style is a real challenge for the photographer to catch.

Strolling along the river Spree we pass the old Schlossbrücke (Castle Bridge), the Staatsoper (Opera House), statue of “Frederic The Great” Germany’s most famous king. The Tour ends at the oldest sites of historic Berlin: Nicolai Quarter shows a medieval German towncenter (church, tavern, houses) typically reconstructed during the East-German era in the 1970s.

Your Berlin Photography Walking Tour ends at Nicolai Church.

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