Hotels in Brandenburg

Kurth’s Landgasthaus und Hotel
Dorfstraße 3–4, 14778 Tel (033836) 40 24 5 Fax (033836) 49 71 2 Rooms 14

The vines spilling out of the upstairs windows are somehow very inviting, especially in this lovely lakeside location.
Inside, light bright decoration and furniture counteracts cramped rooms, and the dark exposed beams in the attic are charming.

Villa Lindenhof
Chausseestraße 21, 14774 Tel (03381) 40 43 0 Fax (03 381) 40 43 33 Rooms 16

This is a very traditional establishment with old-fashioned wooden furniture and chiffon curtains. It is a more homely experience than the larger, chain hotels would offer. They also have a restaurant that has tables in the garden in the summer months.

Axxon Hotel
Magdeburger Landstraße 228, 14770 Tel (03381) 32 10 Fax (03381) 32 11 11 Rooms 119

Not too far from the lake, though the hotel’s location is not so picturesque. The rooms are comfortable, if a little small, but the fitness area is vast and well equipped. They have four apartments, which have a cosy quality and are well suited to families.

Neue Klosterschänke
Neue Klosterallee 12, 16230 Tel (033366) 53 10 Fax (033366) 53 14 1 Rooms 14
A hilltop rural setting offers wonderful views over the tops of trees and across a lake, and as you would expect in such a setting, the outside is more important and impressive than the inside. The slightly unimpressive façade disguises a comfortable but not overly fashionable interior.

Ahorn Hotel & Restaurant
Bautzener Str. 134 / 135, 3050 Tel (0355) 47 80 00 Fax (0355) 47 80 04 0 Rooms 21
This is a well-run hotel and restaurant. The guest rooms are decorated in an uncluttered and smart manner, and have the usual amenities you would expect. There is also an added attraction of a pleasant beer garden in which to relax after a day’s sightseeing.

Radisson SAS Hotel Cottbus
Vetschauerstr. 12, 3048 Tel (0355) 47 61 0 Fax (0355) 47 61 90 0 Rooms 241

This hotel is as comfortable as it is possible to be with its stylish and well-appointed wood-panelled rooms, and as you would expect from this global hotel chain, there is a full range of facilities, amenities and services. All expectations will be met willingly by the courteous and helpful staff.

Sorat Hotel
Schlosskirchplatz 2, D-03046 Tel (0355) 78 44 0 Fax (0355) 78 44 24 4 Rooms 101

Whoever designed the interior of this place managed to achieve a style that is very modern, but not overly trendy or at all aloof. As such it is all very welcoming, tidy and pleasant, and replete with comforts and all the usual amenities found in these larger chain hotels.

Zum Goldenen Stern
Markt 14, 14913 Tel (03372) 40 14 76 Fax (03372) 40 16 14 Rooms 29

The rooms here are fresh, breezy and fun, and the garden-style furniture scattered about makes you feel as though you are outside. They will even serve your breakfast in a glass-encased winter garden. A pleasant change from more formal hotels. They also rent in-line skates.

Hotel Restaurant Markgraf Lehnin
Friedenstr. 13, 14797 Tel (03382) 76 50 Fax (03382) 76 54 30 Rooms 40

A comfortable, rambling and family-friendly hotel that should appeal to pretty much everyone. Rooms are simple and comfortable. Sauna, solarium, spa and other well-being and beauty services are offered, as is a large conference hall.
Overall, it is a pleasant and welcoming place.

Am Alten Rhin
Friedrich-Engels-Straße 12, 16827 Tel (03391) 76 50 Fax (03391) 76 51 5 Rooms 33

Here you will find sturdy, wooden, cottage-like furniture in clean bright rooms. It all adds up to simple, honest comfort. The hotel is located only a short distance from a river and lake, which encourages the guests to get out and enjoy the surroundings.

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