How to Live Like a Local in Munich

Munich’s rich culture can be experienced, at least in part, by any visitor. There are plenty of ways to make sure that, in this experience, you feel less like an outsider and more like a local. Here are a few essential tips for it.

Booking accommodation

As always, we recommend bookings to be done in advance. Regular accomodation is fine, but if you want that extra precious experience, we advise you to do some online research regarding Couchsurfing in Munich. This is a practice of hospitable locals offering rooms in their home for free, in order to expose tourists to a relevant image of their culture. You simply cannot get something more authentic than living with the locals.

Munich, Marienplatz

Munich, Marienplatz



Once in the city, we suggest using a Munich airport taxi over any other transportation means when going to your accommodation place. This is an excellent choice that will prove to be faster, more comfortable and less confusing than other choices in a city you do not know. More than that, it will provide you with the first opportunity to socialize with locals who can guide tourists very well; taxi drivers know exactly what there is to see and do in their city.


Whenever visiting a new place, trying the traditional foods is mandatory. In Munich, some of these would be  Bratwurst (a sausage that can be made using pork, beef or veal), Leberkäs-Semmel (a popular type of meat loaf) and Schweinshaxe (pork leg), to name a few. Strolls through the Viktualienmarkt, a huge market with Bavarian products, are the best way of experiencing local cuisine. Street foods are excellent and affordable.

Beer halls and gardens are a huge part of Munich’s culture, being some of the most well-known in Europe. Even if you are not a big drinker, these places are a must see in order to feel like a local. Drinks are cheap and there are many traditional foods to be experienced in the company of traditional folk music.

Oktoberfest is another essential experience for anyone staying in Munich during its time. Bars and clubs are very well represented in the city, ensuring an amazing nightlife for tourists and locals alike.

Board sports lovers will feel in their element, seeing how Munich has quality opportunities either directly in its locations for surfers and skaters, or due to being in close proximity to excellent ski resorts.

There are many other activities that would take long to cover. But the bottom line is, living like a local in Munich takes nothing more than keeping an open mind and getting involved in activities that truly represent its people.

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