Located in the state of Thuringia, Eastern Germany, Jena was launched into prosperity with the advent of railway services in the 19th century. The town is home to the optical manufacturing industry established in 1846 by Carl Zeiss.

From 1933 through 1989, Jena was negatively influenced by the Communist and Nazi regimes. However, it has undergone revitalization in recent times to the extent that it was designated in 2008 as “City of Science”. The university centers in Jena have also undergone remarkable expansion. The city by virtue of these now plays host to the best of young and vibrant talents in Germany.

Jena, St. Michael church

Jena, St. Michael church

Really, getting to Jena requires that you make concrete plans. As passengers alight at the airport in Frankfurt, it is suggested that they take an express ICE train to Weimar which is not too far away. From there, they can then change on to one of the regional express trains heading for Jena. However, for passengers coming from Munich or Berlin, the ICE service link the two cities and they stop over at Jena.

For motorists, it is quite easier to access Jena since it is situated at the intersection of two major German expressways, the A9 and A4. The express ways pass through the country from north to south and east to west respectively.

The Jena card can also be purchased just like many towns in Germany makes available for transportation in their metropolis. This will grant the traveler access to unlimited public transport service in the city. It goes for 8.90 Euro and it is valid for 2 days. There are also discount offers for attraction sites.

As regards accommodation, you are bound to be treated to some wonderful hotels. However, due to competition for space, it is strongly advised that you book in advance.

Sincerely, there are very captivating sights there in Jena. The Medieval Foxes Tower is there and the more recent Jen-Tower which was constructed during the GDR days is there for your viewing pleasure too. From these two towers, you will be enthralled by the vista below.

The optical museum is a must see. There, you actually learn about this enticing industry.

The town’s planetorium established in 1926, which has reputation as one of the longest standing in the world is visit worthy. There are available in this place, children programs and scientific lectures.

Jena, Christmas Market

Jena, Christmas Market

This lively town with large student population will help you learn more about Napoleon. In fact, you will visit if you are interested, the battlefield and the site of the Napoleon stone. The horticultural gardens will thrill you also.

The climate in Jena is continental. Please therefore, be abreast of forecasts and endeavor to prepare very well.

Candidly, you are bound to have the best of moments in Jena.
(photos: Frank Klemm, ReneS)