There aren’t too many travel places that can boast as much to see and do as astounding city of Koblenz, Germany! Not only has it been around for over 2,000 years but it would probably take you that long just to take in all the sights, chat with the friendly people, and really take in the history, grandeur, cuisine and more!

We’re talking big history here!

It’s located on both banks of the legendary Rhine river which tells you right there how important it has been and still is to both Germany and Europe. A center of education, trade, the arts, and more you can rest assured you won’t run out of things to do while meeting and greeting the over 100,000 residents there!

Koblenz city view

Koblenz city view

Sitting in south east Germany on forty square miles/105 square kilometers, you’ll marvel at such structures as churches, fine architecture, and for the romantic and brave, there are actually castles and fortresses! Imagine yourself right there posing near where royal decrees were sent out, battles were fought, and princesses were rescued!

How about visiting these historic sights such as Stolzenfels Caste, Basilica St. Kastor, the Libfrauenkirche an astounding church built in 1280 filled with so much history it’s almost bursting at the seams with romance and adventure. How about a few days just touring the Elector’s Palace also known as the Residenzschloss built in the late 1700s which is now a museum featuring the legendary superb Gobelin Tapestries. No matter where you step in Koblenz you’re following in the footsteps of history.

How about the cuisine? The nightlife?

Well you’re in for the time of your life by visiting Koblenz because it’s one of the few places in the world where you’ll get that fine dining for very affordable prices, a mixture of dishes from around the world as well as traditional German cuisine! Some of the world’s finest chefs can be found residing and visiting this historic city and you’ll not run short of such masters of the culinary arts in Koblenz! The local folks serve up recipes that go back so far that a bite might whisk you away to lands and times of legend! The people of Koblenz take pride in their foods, wines, ales, and you’ll find none better.

Koblenz, Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

Koblenz, Fortress Ehrenbreitstein

How about taking one of the many cruises that take you up and down the historic Rhine? These cruises are a favorite of tourists for decades and provide that picturesque view of this fascinating region. You might also want to travel about the country side full of warm cultural spots, lovely bed and breakfasts stops, picnics and friendly people who will feed you the best in fresh foods.

By car, horse drawn coach, foot, or chair lift, you can visit every nook and cranny of this city and surrounding areas and tours are conducted in several languages so that tourists aren’t left out. The city and some surrounding areas are internet friendly so your computers , hand helds, and other communicating devices should work just fine so you can email and text your family and friends back home about your exciting visit and send pictures and video too!

Modern technology meets ancient history with push button efficiency!

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