Königstein Fortress

The ‘Saxon Bastille’ of Königstein Fortress is a renowned fortress found on the mountaintop near Dresden, found in Saxon Switzerland, Germany, and close to the town of Königstein. Having served as a state prison at one time, the Königstein Fortress is still intact, as it is one of the sought tourist destination in Saxony. The first mention of a castle at Königstein dates back to the year 1241.

As a castle located on an isolated rock found in the region pertaining to Saxon Switzerland since the mid thirteenth century, it was owned by that of Kings of Bohemia originally, as it then fell under the influence of Dukes of Saxony in the fourteenth century.

Konigstein Fortress

Konigstein Fortress

The Königstein Fortress also unveiled a monastery during the period that extended from 1516 to 1524, as it still remained as a strong fortress with garrison of its own. The fortifications at the castle were updated as well as enlarged at regular intervals.

As the Königstein Fortress had been considered an impregnable fortress, the Saxon monarchs had retreated to this fortress from that of Wittenburg and from Dresden too during testing times, as they had deposited many works pertaining to art and state treasure from that of the renowned Zwinger at this fortress.

Also, the Königstein Fortress had been converted as a state prison, where important prisoners had been held until the year 1922. (photo:Diether)