Magdeburg, chief city of Saxony-Anhalt in Germany, located on the river Elbe is a place to visit. Even though many people do not give much reverence to this place as a tourist attraction site, this will not erase the remarkable spectacles that Magdeburg offers. Really, the town is a center of commerce and Industry and it is important for its sugar factories among others such as automobile, machineries, papers, textile, also steel and iron industries. It is a river and rail junction.

Situated in the heart of Germany, it is a place that treats visitors to a splendid time. There are interesting places to visit such as the Cathedral, the Millenium tower, the cultural historical museum and the Sternbrcke. To be candid, Magdeburg is not a boring place after all.

Magdeburg abbey

Magdeburg abbey

During the First World War, the city was greatly affected. A large part of it was destroyed then. But in spite of the devastation, Magdeburg is not a place to be pushed aside. In fact, a sight of the city from any of those double-decker buses is uniquely alluring. So callers at this city are bound to have the best of moments.

There are many cultural and commercial places that visitors will find enthralling. Sites such as these can be found in the Breiter Weg, center of the town. Near the main post office is situated the popular Green Citadel. A substantial part of this building is used as lodging outfits such as hotels and is a good place for visitors to book accommodation. The Citadel is an architectural masterpiece designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. However, green citadel does not actually appear as its name portrays it. It is a hue of pink but graced with a green garden on the roof.

One of the highlights of Magdeburg that will interest an environmental scientist or a lover of nature, even an average visitor is the clean air in the city and its green nature. The Elbauenpark that was acquired by Magdeburg for the German Federal Show in 1999 is a site visitors cannot afford to miss. Its size is 100 hectares and the charm is overwhelming. You will surely appreciate taking some time out on the impeccable lawn and then the children can participate in interesting activities peculiar to them.

The wooden millennium tower is a place every visitor must see. Here you can have a feel of some of the greatest inventions that have changed the orientation of people around the world. Pythagoras, Da Vinci and Focault have their touch here. You must not forget to take a walk across the Rotehornpark and at the borders of the Elbe River. Finally, a backdrop of the sun setting at the back of the cathedral towers will remain indelible in your memory.