Mespelbrunn Castle

The medieval moated castle of Mespelbrunn is spotted in the town of Mespelbrunn, found between Wurzburg and Frankfurt. This castle has been built in a tributary valley related to the Elsava Valley, spotted within that of the Spessart forest.

The Mespelbrunn Castle is one among the most visited of the water castles found in Germany.

Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle

The initial precursor to this Castle had been a simple house. In 1427, the son belonging to the first owner of the house started rebuilding the house into that of fortified castle that came with towers walls and a moat to get protected from the bandits who had made Spessart as their hiding place.

The round tower of the Begfried is the only old component, as the generations that had followed had converted this defense structure into that of a manor-house, embracing the Renaissance style. The look worn by the Mespelbrunn Castle as of today is the result of the re-buildings made possible by Peter Echter and his wife during the period 1551 and 1569.

The main building of this castle has got erected on that of a base resembling a square on the eastern sections of the pond, as the two storied house surround the southern, northern and the western sections of the court.

Towers get spotted at the southwestern and the northwestern corners of the house. The family of courts pertaining to Ingelheim owns the Mespelbrunn Castle as of today. (photo:Rainer Lippert)

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