Alte Hof

Located in the center of Munich, Alter Hof is an archeologist’s delight. It was also the former imperial residence of the holy Roman emperor, Louis IV.

Excavations made by archeologists and carbon testing of the data retrieved from the same have revealed that a castle existed in that location on the 12th century. In 1255, after the initial partition of Bavaria, it first became the home of the Duke of Bavaria, Louis II, father of Louis IV.

Munich Alte Hof

Munich Alte Hof

There are various historical places over here that are of interest to tourists including the St. Lorenz Chapel that was situated at the north side and was demolished in the 19th century. It is worthy to note that this castle was the sole seat of various governmental departments from the 15th century onwards. The Gothic style west-wings, altered under Duke Sigismund, are still preserved.

The castle, badly damaged during the Second World War has since been restored. Certain portions of the castle like Brunnenstock, Pfisterstock, and Lorenzstock were converted into luxury apartments and offices during the period 2005-2006.

Tourists are recommended to check out the tourist information center for Bavarian castles that is located in a part of the castle. The mint yard lies to the north, connected to the castle via an arch. (photo:Rufus46)

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