Bavarian State Archaeological Collection

Germany is famous all over the world for its archaeological treasures. However, instead of wandering here and there, you can view a massive collection of them all in the Bavarian State Archaeological Collection.

Known locally as the Archäologische Staatssammlung, this museum, located in Munich, contains the best historical and archaeological collections of Germany. Johannes Ranke, the famous anthropologist, initiated the foundation of this museum in the year 1895. You should start of your sightseeing of Munich with this museum.

Munich Bavarian State Archaeological Collection

Munich Bavarian State Archaeological Collection

Be prepared for a rich feast for the eyes and view exhibits from the early middle ages, the migration period, the Roman Empire, the Celtan era, the Hallstatt and the Urnfield culture. Apart from all of the above, visitors can also witness artifacts from the Bronze Age, the Neolithic Age, and the Paleolithic Age.

Most of the exhibits in this museum are local in nature, but that hardly makes any difference as far as their archaeological values are concerned. Visit it and learn more about the history of the Bavarian settlement… right from the era when humans first made their appearance to the era of Charlemagne. A modern building was built in the year 1976 which is currently used to house the exhibits.

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