BMW Museum

Located close to the Olympiapark, Munich, the BMW Museum was established shortly before the summer Olympics in the year 1972. Dealing with the history of BMW, the famous automobile manufacturer, it is visited by tens of thousands of automobile enthusiasts and also by the general tourists throughout the year.

Closed for renovation work from 2004, BMW Museum was reopened for visitors from the 21st of June, 2008. Those who are interested about this automobile giant will love to view the exhibits on display.

Munich BMW museum center

Munich BMW museum center

Apart from vehicles, this museum also exhibits turbines, engines, motorcycles, and aircrafts. Apart from the actual models, there are also dummies of models, conceptualized in the past 20 years. Professor Karl Schwanzer of Vienna, who is based in the BMW headquarters, designed the stunning architecture of the BMW Museum.

His concept can be seen in the mushroom like structure of this museum. A spiral ramp winds its way up to the top of the structure. Apart from stunning exhibits on the ground floor, there are also three additional floors for tourists to visit.

Do not miss out on the video presentations in different languages that explain more about the eight decades old history of the organization and about its future plans.

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