English Garden

Nothing can beat the sheer fun of strolling in the cradles of nature after a tiring morning of sightseeing. Located bang in the center of Munich, the English Garden, locally known as the Englischer Garten is a huge public park that stretches from the center of the city to its northeastern limits.

First created in 1789, this park was later extended and improved upon. Visitors to this park will be enthralled by its beauty and also by its historic importance because of the fact that it is the first public garden of the continent. It is also counted as one of the world’s largest public parks.

Munich English Garden

Munich English Garden

Those who are perplexed by the name of the garden will understand why it was named so once they view the landscaping that reminds them of gardening styles that were popular in the United Kingdom from the middle of the eighteenth century to the early parts of the nineteenth century. This park boasts of many attractions that never fail to attract tourists.

One of the leading is the Japanese tree house (Japaniches Teehaus) that was constructed in the year 1972 to celebrate the summer Olympics that were held in Munich that year. Attempt surfing on the artificial stream that runs through this garden.

End off the day by viewing the 16 meter high Apollo Temple, a Greek style temple, designed by Leo von Klenze, which lies atop a 15 meters high foundation. (photo: Oliver Raupach)

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