Hellabrunn Zoo

Do not forget to take the kids along with you, visiting Hellabrunn Zoo is a trip that they will enjoy the most. Few visitors arrive and leave Munich without viewing the Hellabrun Zoo, which covers a staggering area of 173 acres (70 hectares).

Locally known as the Tierpark Hellabrunn, this zoological park is located to the right of the Isar River. More than 580 species and 4,500 specimens of animals and birds can be found in this treasure trove for kids. Visitors will appreciate the natural surroundings in which the animals, birds, and reptiles are kept. It is really watching the animals, freely roaming about in their natural habitat.

Munich Hellabrunn Zoo, Elefantenhaus

Munich Hellabrunn Zoo, Elefantenhaus

This zoo is famous for breeding species that are faced with extinction like the Przewalski’s horse. Even species, which are believed to be extinct, like the aurochs, a type of wild ox, are being back breeding over here.

The finance for running this massive zoo that was established in 1911 is paid by the city. Few visitors and even few locals know that the Hellabrunn Zoo is also referred to as the Geo-zoo because of the fact that the animals over here are grouped together according to their country of origin.

Do not miss out on the old elephant house which at one period of time boasted of the world’s largest concrete dome.

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