Ludwig the Bavarian is famous for the sheer number of medieval fortifications that he erected and one of them happens to be the Isartor. This is one of the must see sights for tourists, especially the Valentin Museum that is located inside and is a venue preferred by tourists from all over the world.

This museum is a memorial for the late actor and comedian, Karl Valentin. This structure, which is known in English as the Isar Gate was constructed during the year 1337. It comprises of a tall main tower, a bailey, and two front towers.

Munich Isartor

Munich Isartor

During the course of time, this structure got badly damaged and it was left to Friedrich von Gärtner to restore it. He did so between the years 1833 to 1835. The Second World War damaged many landmarks of Germany and the Isartor too was not spared. The ruins were handed over to the Karl-Valentin Foundation in the year 1958.

Few persons know about the fact that this structure also holds artifacts like the fresco painting that depicts the triumph of Ludwig from Bavaria against the Habsburgers in 1322. The S. Bahn station, which lies next to the gate, is also named after it. (photo:Stefan Beck)

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