Old Town Hall

Located in the center of Munich, the Old Town Hall was constructed between 1470-1480 and has been known by this name since the 19th century. Jörg von Halspack, a famous architect who also planned the Frauenkirche, designed it. The Gothic architectural style that was prevalent during that period of time is well reflected in this structure.

The structure, as it stands today, has seen numerous changes during the early Baroque and the late Renaissance periods. However, it was reconverted back to the Gothic style during the 1860s. Two gateways were added to the building, to help facilitate the flow of traffic through it.

Munich Old Town Hall

Munich Old Town Hall

The first was constructed in 1877, and the second in 1934. Do not be fooled by the simple looks of the exterior of the building since the interior flaunts holds designs that are masterpieces of medieval art.

Tourists will love to see the unique design of the barrel vaulted room that is made out of timber along with its unique golden stairs and decorative beams.

Do not miss out the fresco that depicts the town’s coat of arms that was installed in the year 1478. The 55-meter tall tower of this building is visible from various spots in the city. (photo:Christian Kreß)

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