Saint Mary Ramersdorf

Those interested in the Gothic school of art should not miss visiting the Saint Mary Ramersdorf. Locally known as the Sankt Maria Ramersdorf, this gothic styled parish church and church of pilgrimage lies in Munich’s Ramersdorf-Perlach district.

The age of this church can easily be determined by the fact that it was initially mentioned in a document that dates back as far as the year 1315. Initially the pilgrimage started off with a crucifix that Antipope Nicholas V gave to Emperor Louis V. According to history, one of the emperor’s sons donated this crucifix to the church.

Munich Saint Mary Ramersdorf church

Munich Saint Mary Ramersdorf church

Just before the year 1400, the design of the building was changed into the Gothic style and it was extended too. Look above and check out the onion shaped dome. It was constructed in the year 1791 after the previous dome was damaged by a lightening strike. Venture inside the holy building and check out the high altar of an enthroned Madonna sculptured by Erasmus Grasser.

Do not miss out on the paintings by Jan Polack that date back to the 1480s and is a major tourist attraction. Wander around and check out the unique seventeenth century baroque style that the interior of the church is designed in. (photo:Rufus46)

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