St. Michael’s Church

Built by Duke Wilhelm V, St. Michael’s Church, is also known as the Michaelkirche. It ranks amongst one of the largest Renaissance churches in Germany. The construction of the church, the foundation stone of which was laid in 1585, took place in two phases, with the first being between the years 1583 to 1588. The second phase was completed in the year 1597. Little is known about the original architect of the church, which is arguably one of the finest Jesuit churches in the world too.

Munich St. Michaels Church

Munich St. Michaels Church

This structure is also famous for its enormous influence on the early baroque architecture in southern Germany. Its huge barrel vaulted roof, which is the second biggest of its type in the world, awes visitors to this church.

It is said that the choir of the original church was destroyed in 1950, due to the collapsing of a tower. The duke believed that it was a bad omen and to circumvent any ills that might befall he decided to add even more structures to the original plans. This marked the beginning of the second phase of construction that lasted till 1597.

Approximately fifty people are buried over here including members of the royal Wittelsbach family. (photo:Lerdsuwa)