State Museum of Egyptian Art

Tread silently in this hallowed ground, else you face the wrath of some Egyptian emperor. Famous all over the world for its diversified collection of Egyptian art, the State Museum of Egyptian Art, or the Staatliche Sammlung für Ägyptische Kunst as it is known locally is currently located in Residenz, but it is expected to be shifted to a new building in Kunstareal in the year 2011. For the uninitiated, the inspiration for this new building was derived by an Ancient Egyptian burial chamber. Check out the entrance area carefully and you will be reminded of the Egyptian temples’ pylon gateways.

Munich State Museum of Egyptian Art, Obelisk

Munich State Museum of Egyptian Art, Obelisk

Lovers of Egyptian history, art, and culture will have the time of their lives by visiting this museum which has numerous exhibits like stone tablets with hieroglyphics, household goods, textiles, sculptures, glassware, papyri, and many other ancient Egyptian artifacts. Do not miss out the duplex statue that portrays pharaoh Nyuserre Ini in both his young and old avatars.

Then there is the sphinx of Amenhotep II, Sesotris III, the kneeling figurine of Serenmut and much more. It will prove to be impossible to completely view this museum that also houses the statues of pharaohs Akhenaten, Thutmosis III, and Ramses II in just a single day. The prime treasure of this museum is the jewelry of Amanishakheto, the Nubian queen.

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